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#1 2008-10-11 10:42:11

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thank you message

Hi everybody! You probably expect me to write a message of congratulations to Tomas Bodin for his recent, brilliant cd Cinematograaf, but today you're going to read some different here. In fact, this is more a "thank you" message to Tomas for what he has done for us. It must not be so easy nowadays, with the conditions of records market,  to compose, play and "publish" an album like his. Think about all the efforts, the will power, the determination, besides the great talent, that it took to him! And all that, to save our ears from stupid and useless MTV style pop songs! But my thanks also go to you all, prog rock supporters in the world, to all the good, modern prog rock bands around trying to make their way and especially to the "old" keyboards players from the Seventies who teached a lot to everyone. I think about Tony Kaye from Yes, Tony Banks from Genesis, Rick Wakeman from Yes and, of course, Mr. Richard Wright from Pink Floyd. I'm sure Tomas will agree with that. So, thanks again and...never stop loving rock music and using it to express your feelings and giving emotions and not only for making easy money!



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