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#1 2017-07-24 19:11:36

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The new video "Awake From A Dream" by DEEP IMAGINATION is out now

Dear friends, just wanted to let you know...

The new video "Awake From A Dream" by DEEP IMAGINATION

The video for "Awake From A Dream" from the album "Carefully Kept Secrets (2017)" leads into a surreal and dreamlike world. The floydian music of Deep Imagination and the lyrics, which consists of the fact that old dreams end and can lead to new dreams, are presented in a very special and lovingly way. On show are singer Ann Kareen Mainz, guitarist Günter Kaufmann and Deep Imagination-Mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz.

"My strongest musical influences have been Pink Floyd and Dead Can Dance”.

Once again I hold a small but simultaneously great jewel in my hands. Those who appreciate the sounds of Enigma, Dead Can Dance, Clannad, Era, Pink Floyd and such can't ignore Deep Imagination. I’ve been following the project by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz a long time. The wonderfully produced and mostly cosmic sounding releases I have joyfully experienced. The new release "Carefully Kept Secrets", is no exception: spherical ambient sounds, interspersed with subtle percussion, airy otherworldly vocals, as well as tight art rock elements and occasional guitar highlights. So now over to Thorsten, let's hear how his project came to life, what's next up for him, he has a lot to tell us for sure.

The DEEP IMAGINATION interview by S. Ericksen for Black Magazin.

Interview PDF (english): http://www.deep-imaginati....nglish.pdf

DEEP IMAGINATION - "Carefully Kept Secrets"
Latest press comments

"Ann Kareen Mainz proves a wonderfully engaging vocal presence, whether she's adding sensual layers of voice or gently singing the lyrics. Whereas Thorsten Sudler-Mainz reveals not only a liking for the guitar work of Gilmour, but also the poise and class to infuse this style into his music without ever sounding like he's simply paying homage." (Steven Reid, Fireworks Magazin, UK)

The obvious comparisons would be to reference to Pink Floyd's last (instrumental) album The Endless River, especially when Kaufmann's excellent guitar playing gives a heavy nod of respect to David Gilmour. Another similarity, especially in terms of the repetitive, soft trance rhythms and melodies, would be Enya and Clannad. (Andy Read, Dutch Progressive Rock Page, NL)

Who deeply appreciates the atmospheric moments at Pink Floyd, is well cared for with Deep Imagination ... Carefully Kept Secrets is an album about dreams and their secrets, which is gentle and very harmonious. It is an album to relax and switch off from everyday stress. It is music, whose magic unfolds very intensively under a headphone. (Martin Dambeck, Empire Magazine, D)

This opus moves on exploring a psychedelic electro-rock universe, which sometimes appears to be the natural child of Pink Floyd and Enigma... The progression running through “ Wings To Fly” is absolutely fascinating, revealing a sonic voyage... Deep Imagination remains a fascinating sound experience, which will appeal to a wider audience. (Inferno Sound Diaries, Side-Line Music Magazine, BE)

"Within musical realms & scapes"
The new album "Carefully Kept Secrets"
"athmospheric - floydian - cinematic"
Release date: March 10th 2017



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