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#1 2009-07-08 11:47:37

Hugo F.
From: Netherlands
Registered: 2008-11-09
Posts: 278

Some news at last!

Klotet speaks
The japanese loves us! Or how would you consider this review from Rotters Paper after passing through the Google Translator?:

Sweden, Uppsala key / g / b / ds INSUTOYUNITTO formation of 4 people (watch the video and World唄I complain disk "KARUTIVETA psychedelic" and decided to buy. Opusculum followed by three minutes, as the basic motif is rather close to those of the mid-SAMURA. Approachability, gruffness, slightly defocusing Otho, Jazz Rock Expand tight. . . The impression of being the mixed, low-key phrases from the guitar and organ, electric piano keyboard and effects (in a good way) and I do not think the current band, the 1970 flavor of tastes. Hurtling momentum and a sense of universal, however, has a solid rock band. Jacket image and impressions of the mad, unlike sewn works beautifully.

Yes! "gruffness, slightly defocusing Otho, Jazz Rock Expand tight" is exactly what we've been trying to do since the beginning!

By the way, we're recording a new album. It will blow you away.

Nice. They love the music but hate the cover big_smile (translated the last sentence using Babelfish: "The work which is settled beautifully unlike the impression of the jacket of the image illustration which deviates" )



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