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#1 2016-02-18 16:06:24

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Jon Anderson from YES and Sean McKee New Song

Performed at NAMM 2016:

Jon Anderson sounds as great as ever! Mr. Sean McKee plays some new guitar with a touchscreen and plays a great solo, he also posts the following comment explaining the song's origins and purpose:

Jon and I have been working on an exotic, longer form concept album made up of epic length songs that is nearing completion, when the opportunity came about to get involved in the early stages of this new digital audio workstation company, Lumit Audio, to help guide the company and software from experienced professionals' point of view. They are just out of college and have some fantastic new ideas about how audio software should work, mainly being easy, fast and fun, and that you can learn in an afternoon, while still offering pro features, and very slick touchscreen interface when run on Windows machines such as Surface Pro 4. The composition of this song had one simple rule, that we each individually spent one day learning the software, writing our parts, and recording them in Lumit. We collaborated with the company's brand ambassador, Serbian EDM producer Milojko Jaric (a.k.a. Freaked Frequency/Molok) to create a hybrid of styles combining progressive rock and orchestral styles with ethnic and electronic flavor. We literally did this over the first weekend of the new year, and it sounds great, which is a testament to the quality of Lumit. I did all my parts with the new Lineage MIDI Guitar from Inspired Instruments ( makers of the You Rock Guitar. Lineage is a big step up. It is simply the most incredible way for guitarists to express themselves with synth and sampled sounds, with perfect tracking, no false triggers or latency. I've got MIDI pickups on a few other guitars, but Inspired Instruments are the only ones that let me pull off a notey solo like I did in this song, without all the usual side effects associated with traditional MIDI guitars. The built in touchscreen gives some really cool options for modulations via XY pad, switchable whammy bar and other methods. The build quality and feel and look of the Lineage is top notch, beautiful, modern and classic at the same time. I'm doing things that were impossible before and having a lot of fun. Cliff Elion, inventor, sat with me to go over the features, and there was more than a few times a light bulb went off in my head and a big smile appeared on my face when I thought about the possibilities... The album Jon and I have been working on absolutely wouldn't be possible with Inspired Instruments, as I composed all the orchestral parts via their guitars, and if you're looking for a MIDI guitar, the Lineage is the best you can get.



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