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#1 2009-01-14 09:53:44

From: UK
Registered: 2008-06-05
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Will there be any album from TFK in 2009?

Just passing along a message from Roine on the TFK list...

Roine Stolt wrote:

Will there be any album from TFK in 2009?

Sina  - and Marco , (and the rest of you lurkers)

OK - I know we haven't yet made any official statement about possible new TFK records-
simply because we don't know 100% sure yet .
We've briefly touched the subject but no big plan or no big meeting about it yet .
However MY guess is that at least first half of 2009 we will all be engulfed in  " TFK sideproject" territory.

Hopefully everyone knows of Jonas Karmakanic project  and by now you should be aware that Tomas is working on "You Are"
it's all gonna be exciting.

Personally I'm about to start mix of my latest project " Agents Of Mercy" that I will give you more detailed
info about in a couple of days (Official statement ahead) and if you all progsters are lucky the record will be available first in a
special LTD edition already as a "From TFK website ONLY "  CD Album sale in late Februari. ( paypal )
At this point I'm digesting to NOT have any full snippets of mix up for preview ( on coming MySpace) - but rather a few
"Work in progress" things - this means you will be hearing chunks of vocal overdubs - drumtracks - stripped backgrounds and
bare basstracks .
This is to both give insight to " Building the Agents Of Mercy" and give you a chance to hear unique layers you won't  be hearing
anywhere else .   (and because it's good fun of course)
Hey you could even  add your own vocal or guitar over a cool background . !!!!
(Maybe we should make a competition for all the musicians here ?) 

Next up is Jonas and my afro-jazz & funk -fusion project ( "3rd World Electric" was my idea but it may change)
and we're both excited to start  doing basic tracking asap - (more info on that very soon too) 

Other than that Hasse is said to have a Zep like side project ( - good to know now that ALL chances of a real Zep reunion is buried
10 km below . (all according to JP 's spokesman .) More detailed  info later .

Ola has just released a new album with his band "Floodgate" - haven't heard it but I know it is wellcrafted pop.

Anyone who have a lust for wellcrafted symph rock (with Erik drumming ) can of course still get Brighteye Brison CD - ( from Brian )

I will produce an album by a young american band "An Endless Sporadic" in April -
they are a sort of Tool - meets Zappa and slices of DT and Jonas will track bass for them too - very cool Berkley students.
and there are more goodies ahead -
I just finished a few odd overdubs on something else you all may find a bit "unexpected" and I know Jonas played on it too .

As if that wasn't enough I plan to keep on working on that acoustic thing that was the starting point of Agents Of Mercy but
it changed it to a more full blown prog thing .
So I just dive in finishing the thing whenever time permit - it will have a more folky touch to it  and all or mostly acoustic instruments
and host a few nice guests.

As for TFK we will - if we get offers - continue to play live during 2009 - whenever it is suitable
for each members - together and individually.
Personally I feel it is very inspiring to dive into all these "projects" and I hope the fruits of our labour will
even propel TFK into a new and more profitable and fun realm.

There is also always a possibility that any or all of the sideprojects will play shows live - all depending how
the reaction to each project will be. (petition !!)

It is however possible that TFK will get together later this year to record a new album -
I would guess for a release early 2010 -  but for now it's all guesses - and no new material is reviewed yet by the band .
At this point in time I feel we need to stop and find new ways to progress - and possibly re-organize a bit
as for the business,recording  and touring side of things .

And it will all be good !!! 
2009 smiles already

Roine .



#2 2009-01-21 11:33:08

Hugo F.
From: Netherlands
Registered: 2008-11-09
Posts: 278

Re: Will there be any album from TFK in 2009?

I hope Roine is taking up painting again..Always liked his art.
Would love to see one of his paintings as cover again.



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