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#1 2009-08-14 21:51:01

Hugo F.
From: Netherlands
Registered: 2008-11-09
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Anglagard preparing for a new album?

Yes, the mighty beast that is Anglagard has awoken! :


Wednesday, July 29th 2009
Mattias Olsson posted the following message on Facebook:
"I think we have already released a livealbum that was possibly a bit so-so...Havent heard it in years though. The bands main things on the to-do list is a) making sure the old albums are available b) making new music and finding ways of making this exciting and pleasurable c) if possible recording and releasing new stuff...
"There is a lot of interesting material floating about. The band could easily start recording stuff as we have more or less all the old equipment available...we just need to find a sort of format and framing that will work for the band today.
"Thomas said once (in defense of splitting up the band in 95 (?) that he thought there were enough mediocre albums in the world without our band adding to the pile. If we make a new album it has to be an album we are excited about and we feel is strong and individual.
"We are very slow and very picky. We are snails with increasingly bad eye sight and long memories. We will never wear capes.
// Mattias

End of message
As for the content, I think it sums up the situation perfectly. The tentative date for the Epilog re-release ("with sexy surprises") is Fall 2009. No, I don't know what these surprises are. No, I can't promise delivery until Christmas. No, I don't think it's a good idea to do a fundraiser to buy the snail that is Änglagård new glasses.



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