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#1 2009-09-06 05:33:32

From: Denver
Registered: 2009-09-01
Posts: 74

Main Story

It seems to me that there is a story that goes through out the Beardfish albums. Call it what you may, but what songs are connected to it. Since I am missing the 1st 2 albums (which I am getting soon) and can't say for those but what i can say is that it goes:

From Sleeping in Traffic Pt. 1:
Afternoon Conversation
And Never Know
Dark Poet (This is and Harmony is possible are flashback)
Without You
Same Old Song (Sunset)

From Sleeping in Traffic Pt. 2:
Into the Night
The Hunter
The Downward Spiral / Chimay
Sleeping In Traffic

From Destined Solitaire
Awaken The Sleeping
Destined Solitaire
Until You Comply / Entropy
In Real Life There Is No Algebra
Where The Rain Comes In
Abigails Questions (In An Infinite universe)The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Although In Real Life There Is No Algebra it could be just be apart of it's own suite with Abigails Questions. Though it could be him just getting disoriented and crazy because of the shot to the head from the hunter and Abigail could be the girl he is missing and the name of the girl in Harmony.

Now you can say that every song goes into the story or only a few. Please feel free to add songs you think should go in, make your own list, expand on what is in the story and/or Building A Pyramid.



#2 2009-09-06 14:52:02

From: Canada
Registered: 2008-10-31
Posts: 71

Re: Main Story

As I recall the sleeping in traffic albums are a rough intertwining story, and so is the sane day but I don't think they intertwine at all



#3 2009-09-06 16:03:20

Hugo F.
From: Netherlands
Registered: 2008-11-09
Posts: 278

Re: Main Story

You forgot about Terry! wink



#4 2009-09-09 06:24:33

From: Denver
Registered: 2009-09-01
Posts: 74

Re: Main Story

Well I was think that the full monty how is falls in love and love story is when they break up. (This is only from listening to those songs on the myspace.) Though because I can't understand Swenden half of the first album probably won't have any lyrical meaning for me.... unless some one were to translate for me big_smile



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