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#1 2009-07-12 10:15:20

From: Sweden
Registered: 2008-09-26
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Hi there

As you might know by now after Steve´s info  (thx Steve:))..."YOU ARE" is about to leave the surface. Im so pleased with and proud over this album. To give you a hint about what to expect...
Imagin a band that mix Pink Floyd, ELO, Beatles, Genesis, 10CC, Muse, Procule Harum, Queen, Crosby, Still, Nash & Young!

All in all 19 persons are taking part of YOU ARE. But first I would like to introduce my new band


Michael Stolt lead vocals/basses/guitars (ex Flower Kings)
Jocke JJ Marsh lead guitars/vocals (Glenn Hughes, Plantet Marsh, HTP Band)
Marcus Lilijequist (ex Flower Kings)
Tomas Bodin keyzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(I guess Im the headegg)

Anyway, the guestlist is pretty long (incl most of my family he he...actually my oldest son plays a lot of guitar)
and Im thrill over the fact the instruments like french horn/cello/kazoo is being used! Another funny thing is the 99% of all atmospheres are recorded for this album in USA. There is also a true barbershop!

This is a total concept album and the main theme is "you are alone". It´s 6 stories about 6 persons.
(you can find the lyrics at ) The First song is my own reflextion about changes in time. Today´s world is very different from the world I used to know...hmmm thoughts like that comes with age right??

I have put in a lot of effort making  strong songs! Compared to "I AM" whcih was very much a rock opera I would like to say that the songs on "YOU ARE" are standing indendently. Still there is a red thread and a "storyline" thru the entire album.

As it is now I badly need help to launch this CD. I need pre-orders/pre-paid to be able to pay the CD plant for printing the CD.

I have a PayPal account and my id is
The price is 20€ (euro) incl shipping worldwide.

Talk soon



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