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#1 2017-12-11 02:43:57

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1a1a's the name, music's the game

I started listening to Porcupine Tree some two years ago. I had Deadwing on in the car, it didn't grab me but I was too lazy to change it. After a couple of months I noticed the ambient textures in the intro to Arriving Somewhere, very pleasing, I hadn't noticed them before. Started noticing more and more and starting to pick up lyrics (it takes me a long time to register words in songs). I really enjoy the layers, and the way songs are turn journeys. I've been on a prog mental bender ever since, P T, Dream Theatre, Riverside, Soen, Earthside, Opeth (although it took me a long time to get past the growley vocals on other albums but Damnnation is easily one of my favourite albums), Katatonia, Beard fish (auto play/youtube/prog starting point, very good combo). I've taken detours through P T's earlier psychadelic work, ambient side projects, Lunatic Soul. This music makes me happy.

I also play in a Goth Metal band (although none of us know how to write Goth metal so we end up writing alt metal instead.) We're all prog influenced.



#2 2017-12-11 10:10:11

From: UK
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Re: 1a1a's the name, music's the game

Welcome 1a1a!

I know what you mean about listening in the car. Some music is an acquired taste but having it force-fed because you can't be arsed to change the CD is a good way to tune in to it.

Beardfish were great but I think they changed their style too quickly and lost a lot of their fans. I'm hopeful that they will reform though.



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