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#1 2016-08-17 20:22:03

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Jonas Reingold - An Endless Sporadic "Magic Machine"

Jonas Reingold wrote:

Hello Everybody,

It has been full on here in Jonas Reingold Land during summer with releases such as Anderson/Stolt, Karmakanic and The Fringe but autumn is not here yet...I´m prolonging the summer with one more stellar CD from my buddy Zach Kamins, An Endless Sporadic featuring greats such as Jordan Rudess, Roine Stolt, Navene K and of course yours truly. Between you and me, it was by far the hardest recording I´ve ever done on bass from a technical point of view, damn, I was sweating!!!! But now it´s here.

One of the worlds most elusive yet breathtakingly captivating progressive rock bands, An Endless Sporadic, is set to return on 16th September 2016 with a new album, Magic Machine.

Magic Machine is a showcase for mind-bending musicianship and rich expressiveness via avante garde film-score soundscapes. An abstract journey through different styles of music and environments, the album offers a coruscating kaleidoscope of colours and joy, flashes of stylistic innovation featuring ensemble work that is staggeringly packed full of drama yet still meaningful from a compositional standpoint. This is an aurally challenging album with an experimentally wide sound palette, but as a whole is assuredly palatable, mesmerising and resides in a class paralleled by none.

Hailing from the hallowed halls of Berklee College of Music in Boston, the brains behind An Endless Sporadic, Zach Kamins, is no stranger to the synergy or intuitiveness that his particular brand of prog-rock-jazz-fusion offers.  Anyone who has ever played Guitar Hero can attest to the beauty of An Endless Sporadic and their songs. The band gained most of theirpopularity with the song, “Impulse,” which was placed on Guitar Hero 3. After that they recorded, “Anything,” which was placed on Guitar Hero World Tour. From here they produced more songs to create their first EP, “Ameliorate.” And so An Endless Sporadic was born.

Comments Zach: “I feel that Magic Machine was created out of a strong desire to bring out the true intention of the name, An Endless Sporadic. I have always had a passion for music that was part of a bigger story, where ideas can take time to develop and be presented in many different ways. “

Joining master multi instrumentalist Zach Kamins on this album is a stellarline-up of virtuoso musicians (we stopped counting at 30 instruments…all recorded live and including Hand Hammered Lasagne Trays!) and special guests including Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment), Roine Stolt  and Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings), Michael Iago Mellender (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and Navene K (Animals as Leaders, Entheos) to name just a few!
The ambitiously bold Magic Machine is unleashed on September 16th and will be one of those albums talked about with fervour for years to come, do not miss out on this one.

An Endless Sporadic:

Zach Kamins - Guitars, Piano, Synths, Organ, Wurlitzer, Auxiliary Percussion, Banjo, Tuba, Conference Recorder

Jonas Reingold - Bass

Navene-K - Drums

Michael Iago Mellender  - Percussion Guitar, Marimba, Glockenspiel, Hand¬Hammered Lasagne Warming Trays, Metals, Trumpet, Auxiliary Percussion

Chris Bleth - Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, English Horn, Recorders

Amparo Edo Biol - French Horn

Aija Mattson - French Horn

Paul Cartwright - Lead Violin, Viola

Mischa Lefkowitz - Violin

Matt Cooker - Cello

Bradley Dujmovic  Erhu

Special Guests:

Jordan Rudess - Piano & Synth     Roine Stolt - Lead Guitar
An Endless Sporadic "Magic Machine" Pre-Order Now!!! First 50 get signed To Be Released 16th Sep €14.95



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